‘I Need to Report a Stolen House’

Homeowners in Madisonville, Texas, who reported the theft of their home to police on Friday got some good news: The structure has been located. But it’s too soon for them to relax yet. On Friday, Jo and Lonnie Harrison, a couple from Houston reported the missing house to police after they went to their vacation […]

Real Estate cyber attack attempts – how to spot the newest breed

Phishing Cyber Attack Attempts Against Real Estate Agents, How to Spot Them I’ve been recently getting several phishing emails that take on a new tactic.  They are looking for an agent to work with on a relocation this year or early next year.  These have many red flags that immediately sound the alarm for me, […]

Huggins Homes Week 2 2017 Football Picks

Here are the Huggins Homes football picks for week 2     This week we’re going with the Texans over the Bengals, Ravens over the Browns, Buccaneers over Da Bears, Steelers over the Vikings, Chief over the Eagles, Titans over the Jags, Colts over the Cardinals (even though Luck might not play), Panthers over the […]

Week 1 2017 Football picks

Huggins Homes Week 1 2017 Football Picks

Here we have it, the Huggins Homes football picks for week one.   We’re picking the Patriots over the Chiefs, because they’re the Patriots.  Jets over the Bills, Redskins over the Eagles, Raiders over the Titans… yes those that know me… I’m actually rooting FOR the Raiders!  Next we have the Texans over the Jags, […]

4 Garage Sale Finds That Were Worth Way More Than You’ll Ever Believe

  jcphoto/iStock   Garage sales are pretty much the only institutions in America where one person’s trash truly is another one’s treasure. They’re perfect for lightening your load before a move on the one hand, or, if you’ve just settled in, acquiring new stuff for a mere fraction of the original price. And most of the stuff you’ll come […]

How to Clean a Bedroom (Because It’s Filthier Than You Think)

  vadimguzhva/iStock   Determining effective strategies for thoroughly cleaning your bedroom probably isn’t the kind of thing keeping you up at night. But maybe it should be. Because this all-important room in your home gets seriously gunky.  And even though you spend roughly a third of your life there, the bedroom likely lingers low on your list of […]

What’s the Best Air Conditioner for You? A Rundown of the Coolest Options

It’s great to have options—until you go to shop for, say, an air conditioner and are utterly overwhelmed by shelves and shelves (or pages and pages) of different models, each with their own unique advantages—and challenges—in installation, energy efficiency, and other factors. To help you find the best air conditioner for you and your home, […]

Owning page one of Google

That fun moment when you do a search for your latest listing in “Private Browsing Mode”, so Google doesn’t alter the results based upon your account, and you find that not only is your website on page one, but that your content that you posted is on spots 2-8 on page one of Google!

YPN’s Thirsty Thursday Realtor mixer at Ladyface was a HUGE Success!

Thursday’s “Thirsty Thursday” mixer at Ladyface Ale was a great success!  The YPN group that I chair hosted this event.  I’d like to thank our sponsors, Denise Butler Photography and Pamela Smith of Ventura County Home Staging for their generous support. I’d like to give a special congratulations to our raffle prize winners: Ryan Wire […]

Spruce Up Your Home with Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting Solar-powered outdoor lights come in many different styles, and they can be used to light a walkway, brighten a deck, or beautifully illuminate a garden at night. Here’s a brief overview of today’s technology. Why go solar? Solar-powered lights can save money on your electrical bill, they’re easy to maintain, their carbon […]

DIY Home Security Improvements

Protecting your home and your family is important. Some people pay for expensive home security systems and pay monthly contracts, but you don’t have to. If you’re looking to spend some time around the house, here are some do-it-yourself home security improvements you might want to make. Make It Difficult Most thieves are looking for […]

Where does that TinyURL link go to and how to spot a potential attack

All, Today I received the listing agent’s dream email!  An over full price CASH offer on a new listing with no inspection contingencies!  Most agents would say “Time to break out the champagne!” then why am I saying “Something doesn’t smell right here”? Let’s take a look at the email, shall we?  I’ve blacked out […]

7 Financial Tips to Help Prepare for a Natural Disaster

In recognition of National Preparedness Month, the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) would like to remind Americans about the importance of getting their financial affairs in order and offer tips to help them prepare before a natural disaster strikes. “Having access to pertinent documents and emergency funds is critical in the days and weeks […]