How Can You Fend Off the Flu at Work?

(TNS)—No matter what grandma might have warned, simple exposure to frosty winter air won’t lead to getting the flu. But going to the office might. Doctors suspect the workplace ranks among the biggest culprits in spreading the virus. Nausea and other symptoms force Americans to take nearly 111 million sick days a year, contributing to […]

Restaurant Review: Urban Pizza, Westlake

Over the weekend I had a craving for pizza and the desire to try out one of these custom pie shops that are popping up all over town.  While at the grand opening for #Dickie’sBBQ in the North Ranch Mall I received a few coupons for a free soda at Urban Pizza (owned by the […]

5 Rules to Follow When You Want to Lose Weight

Nutritionists tell us that slow and steady is the best strategy for losing weight – and that following five simple rules can help us lose weight safely while staying fit and avoiding undue hunger. From Women’s Health Magazine come these straight-up rules for slimming down: Don’t skip breakfast – Eating a nutritious morning meal actually […]

My most requested holiday recipe: Pumpkin Delight

Note: All ingredients come from Trader Joe’s.  Recipe is courtesy of Lisa Scott and T.J. Tramonto, Cooking with Trader Joe’s class, with some modifications performed by me. Pumpkin Delight Ingredients: 1 container pumpkin biscotti (these are on sale NOW and go quickly.  I’ve already bought two!)1 cube butter, melted (about 1/2 cup melted butter) 1 […]