Mortgage Applications Surge on Lower Rates

Home buyers and homeowners are taking advantage of some of the lowest interest rates in a year. Mortgage applications for refinancings and home purchases jumped 9.9 percent higher last week on a seasonally adjusted basis, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported Wednesday. Still, the MBA reports the weekly index remains about 19 percent lower the same […]

Showings Don’t Stop Even for an Accepted Offer

Prepare your sellers to understand that an accepted offer doesn’t mean that they should stop trying to sell their house. They may be confused by why you’re encouraging them to proceed with showings when there is an accepted offer on the table. But no deal is officially done until you’re at settlement and handing over […]

Where Homes Are Selling the Fastest

Homes sold quickly across the U.S. this summer. Properties that sold between May and July typically were on the market less than 31 days in 29 states and the District of Columbia, according to the July 2017 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey. Fifty-one percent of properties that sold in July were on the market for less […]

3 Foreclosure Alternatives: What to Do Before Your Mortgage Goes Underwater

  DS011/iStock   Maybe you’ve missed a couple of monthly mortgage payments. Maybe a notice of default from your lender is looming right now. You understand the severity of the situation, but what most homeowners don’t know is that foreclosure is not the only option you have when you’re no longer able to afford your house. The […]

A Sign That More Housing Inventory Is Coming

Homeowners who have decided to stay put in their current properties may soon be ready for a move, helping to relieve stubbornly tight housing inventory. The evidence is in Fannie Mae’s latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index, in which the number of consumers who say now is a good time to sell a home neared an […]

Huggins Homes Week 1 2017 Football Picks

Week 1 2017 Football picks

Here we have it, the Huggins Homes football picks for week one.   We’re picking the Patriots over the Chiefs, because they’re the Patriots.  Jets over the Bills, Redskins over the Eagles, Raiders over the Titans… yes those that know me… I’m actually rooting FOR the Raiders!  Next we have the Texans over the Jags, […]

Hispanic Homeownership Surges

Hispanics are increasingly making up what’s considered the typical American home buyer, reports. Latinos are expected to make up 52 percent of new home buyers between 2010 and 2030, largely driven by the country’s 14.6 million Latino millennials. Since 2000, the number of Hispanic households has jumped by 6.7 million, which comprises 42.5 percent […]

Does a Basement Count in the Square Footage of a Home?

  FOTOGRAFIA INC./iStock; BanksPhotos/iStock   This is the tale of two basements in otherwise comparable houses. One is a finished basement with a den, bedroom, and full bath. The other basement has some sheet rock, an exposed toilet, and a painted floor. The listing for the first house reflects the basement in the total square footage, and in the price. […]

4 Garage Sale Finds That Were Worth Way More Than You’ll Ever Believe

  jcphoto/iStock   Garage sales are pretty much the only institutions in America where one person’s trash truly is another one’s treasure. They’re perfect for lightening your load before a move on the one hand, or, if you’ve just settled in, acquiring new stuff for a mere fraction of the original price. And most of the stuff you’ll come […]

Listing Broker Not Liable for Prospective Buyer’s Injuries From Falling Into Empty Pool After Diving Board Collapses

The recently published case of Jacobs v Coldwell Banker held that a broker could not be held liable for injuries caused by 1) the collapse of a diving board since the broker had no notice of any defect in the diving board nor 2) for the empty pool since the danger was so obvious that any person […]

What Is a Kick-Out Clause? Helping Sellers Get the Best Deal in a Timely Manner

  monkeybusinessimages/iStock;   A kick-out clause gives sellers the ability to continue marketing a house in the event that they receive an offer with contingencies, or conditions that must be met. One of the most common contingencies is that the buyers must sell their current home. But a kick-out clause in the sales contract allows […]