Huggins Homes Week 2 2017 Football Picks

Here are the Huggins Homes football picks for week 2     This week we’re going with the Texans over the Bengals, Ravens over the Browns, Buccaneers over Da Bears, Steelers over the Vikings, Chief over the Eagles, Titans over the Jags, Colts over the Cardinals (even though Luck might not play), Panthers over the Bills, Raiders over the Jets, Dolphins over the Chargers, Redskins over the Lams, Cowboys over the Broncos (my #1 and #2 teams fighting it out, should be a good game), the Packers over the Falcons, Seachickens over the 49ers. For the big games of the week, I’m going with the Saints over the Patriots.  Both are powerhouse teams, but the Patriots just aren’t themselves right now.  Too many new players. Even though I want the Lions to beat the Giants so my ‘boys can have a good NFC East lead, I think Eli will crush the Lions.

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